Hy Signature Fleece Rug PR-21262

I’m not a healthcare policy expert. Not by a long shot.  The challenges facing healthcare in this country are enormous. While I may not have answers, there is no downside to generating discussion on alternatives.  Feel free to comment on anything you feel is wrong with my suggestion. The problem legislators are facing in their…

Hy Unisex Horse Legwear Boots Signature Travel Robinsons New

Hy-Clor HY-TECH POOL TABLETS Destroy Body Waste Control Algae Bacteria- 1 or 2kgHydrapak Propel Reservoir Kit 3 L

Hunting The White-Tailed Deer in TX HCDJ 1st Ed Signed Weston 1954 Game Guide

Dear Mr President , My Suggestion for Infrastructure Spending

I happen to be a fan of the government investing money into what is commonly called infrastructure projects.  I strongly believe that any reasonable businessperson, even one who works for the government, should be able to invest money at 1% interest rates and get a better than 2% return on taxpayer money. But I think…

Hyimpact Brushing Boots - Brown - Large

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Hunting Trail Game Camera,4G Scouting Camera 36MP Wildlife Monitoring Camera

Peter Thiel was right when he said that Trump supporters take him seriously, but not literally. When it comes to reporting the news,  a presidential campaign and election is obviously news, the MSM (Main Stream Media) takes everything literally  and seriously. That is the definition of reporting isn’t it ? There are 10s of millions…

Hyland Durham Jodhpur Boot - brown - Erwachsene 6


Hunting Vest Hunting Camoflauge, Camping, Outdoor Work

No, this is not a joke. It isn’t a set up for a routine or comedy.  It is a real title for a very real and nerve wracking experience I had. On May 20th, 2015 I was in New York City.  Like I love to do on a nice day, I took a long walk…

HyLAND Wax Leather Jodhpur Boot

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Hyperfly Hyperlyte SGT BJJ Gi Navy

In this country we have rights.  Under the 6th Amendment we have very specific rights “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by…

Hyperlite Arsenal Competition Vest (Medium)


Lets supposed that you agree, like I do, that 99pct of Americans are honest. We live our lives in a law abiding fashion.  That there is nothing about our lives that is noteworthy or worth hiding from anyone other than maybe the people closest to us.  No one wants everyone close to us to know everything…

HyVIZ Reflector Comfort Pad (BZ2209)

Hunts County Rebound Net with Freeway Ball Set

Apple Vs The FBI vs a Suggestion

Apple was instructed by the FBI to build a version of IOS that would let the FBI install that version on a terrorist’s phone enabling it to use a brute force method of pushing through every possible combination of passwords into the phone until it unlocked the phone.  The goal is to find out if…

Ice Figure Skating Dress Rhythmic Gymnastics Twirling Competition Tap Costume


Ice Skating Baton Twirling Roller Skating DressIce skating dress.bluee Competition Figure Skating Dance Baton Twirling CostumeIce skating dress.Pink competition Figure Skating Dress .fringe tassel skirt
Ice Vibe Vibrating Panel with Integrated Battery
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